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All-inclusive mobile development
We are a team of 20 energetic, dynamic and efficient people who have been working on mobile apps
for 4 years and on web solutions for 12 years! We have an office in London and
Moscow. Our developers are mostly based in Ukraine which gives us a unique mixture of high quality development and reasonable prices.
Our Apps

A little sneak peak of an upcoming update for our beloved dating app Smoocci.

Instagram support, new VIP statuses, gifts in chats and much more…

Meanwhile, our talented artists are working on the comic story for an upcoming game.
Today we have successfully launched our new online game NardMan. Play classic Backgammon with your friends in a gorgeous design
In this app you could win real prizes just for… playing games!
PhysOlymp - this app isn't for everyone. Only if you are smart and experienced enough in physics... or if you want to be! Learn more and test your skills in this awesome app.
Part of the design for our amazing card game - Tortuga..
Also an awesome logo for our beautiful game Tortuga.
Wanna play? We are already playing!
Stay fit with a gorgeous Master Coach app. Ranked top 50 in Russia, more than 100k installs and millions of kilos lost
Another online card game Durak Real.

Classic game becomes even better on all of your devices…

Pactron - crazy arcade game, with the best of Pacman mechanics and in the "Tron" style.
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Moscow: +7 985 534 51 85
Odessa: +38 096 072 18 11
London: +44 782 474 87 06
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